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“It’s extraordinary to me that the United States can find $700 billion to save Wall Street and the entire G8 can’t find $25 billion dollars to save 25,000 children who die every day from preventable diseases.”

– Bono, rock star and anti-poverty activist. (Source: The American Prospect blog


what kind of christian are we talking about?

My friend Eugene Cho just posted on his blog about the idea of a Christian president and whether its significant or not for our president to be a Christian.  it is a good blog and i will link it here, for you to check out… as he also references another blog article which is a good read as well.  But while here i wanted to comment on this particular issue.

First of all, there is not really a presidential candidate that i know of in my history that has not been ‘a christian’, so that almost makes it a moot point. 

So, it’s kind of like when you see a business that throws the Christian fish on their card to let you know they are a Christian company, but then they do shotty work. You can throw around the Christian label all you want, but if you suck at what you do… i don’t think i want you to do work for me.  I mean, if someone is building my house and they happen to be a Christian, but they are not that great of a builder and they do this wrong or that wrong, then to me their faith is insignificant, if i am hiring a builder.  Certainly the president has a much larger responsibility than a contractor, but the analogy still flies.  If the president is a Christian, but is not that great of a president, then their faith is insignificant, if we are needing a president.  Sure, we want someone who is honest and trustworthy and has integrity, but I know people who are not Christians who have those values and i know people who are Christians, and lack in the areas of integrity or trust.  So for me, it seems to be more about the values that govern them then about the faith they profess.  

I even find it hard to believe that someone could actually follow Christ effectively and maintain their integrity and be the president of a nation, or any high political office for that matter. (it’s so incredibly difficult for us normal, everyday folk to do so, much less someone with such a huge position of power)  So much of politics is being able to gain people’s following and there is a strong tendency of manipulation to get the people’s support.  I am certain that at times, integrity is curbed so that agendas can be passed through unscathed by moral values… this being on both sides of the table. 

I don’t believe any candidate is able to escape the corporate agenda, mainly because the corporations that are funding them, want to see their agendas passed, and so i see it difficult for someone to make integrity-based decisions on an individual basis, when there is a larger agenda driving the decisions that are made for our government.  Now while I believe there is some sense of the people having a say in what happens in our governing bodies, for the most part, it seems to be the ones with the money who have a little more pull in that arena.  

In the past, i used to vote based on… well basically i was told who to vote for, because if i am ‘a christian’ then ‘there is only one person you can vote for… one party… one agenda… one set of issues’… and so therefore, i had no choice in the matter.  Christian meant Republican…conservative…right-wing.  So i, like many, many other Americans, made my vote based on… well the fear and propaganda of what would happen if ‘the other guy’ was president!

My perspective is so completely different now.  My views are so completely different.  The issues are completely different for me.  I don’t put any faith in any political party, candidate, or agenda.  The issues are the issues because they get votes.  

So for me it has to be about governing value and a bigger perspective on the issues that are being presented… that is… if i choose to vote at all!

As far as being ‘a christian’, both candidates are, so once again… it is a moot point.

And, at the end of the day, i follow Jesus, so whoever wins won’t change that or how i view the world, or how i live my life.

just some random thoughts, which i am sure some will disagree with, but that’s ok 🙂

blog slacker!

ok… so I realized that it has been months since I have written anything on my blog! at first I thought to myself ‘what a slacker’, but then I realized that I have just been so busy working that I haven’t had the time to blog at all or even hardly think about something worth blogging about! what is even crazier is that I am at work right now writing this ony iPhone, which I only justified getting because I used Christmas gift cards to buy. anyways, my hope is that I will try not to be as busy, for various important reasons, but also. I a going to try to write more in the next year. it is somewhat therapuetic to write. in fact, there are many things that I want to take more time to do this year that have kind of taken a back burner… such as: creating and recording my music; playing out at various venues; hiking with my family; biking with my family; doing lots of stuff with my family, etc! well, realizing all this will set some change into motion. peace out!

Dublin thief steals 180 kegs of Guinness!

I can’t believe someone was able to drive right in and take a trailer load!! The other workers must have been drinking to much of their own product on the job to miss that one! What I don’t understand is why he needed the budweiser…what a waste! He could have gotten 180 more kegs of Guinness instead! Very funny story:

Dublin thief seizes 180 Guinness kegs

Lone robber seizes nearly $100,000 worth of Ireland’s trademark beer

updated 11:51 a.m. ET, Thurs., Nov. 29, 2007

DUBLIN, Ireland – A thief made off with 180 kegs of Guinness beer
after smoothly driving into the Dublin brewery, which makes the black
stout and snatching a trailer load of drink, police said Thursday.

The incident took place Wednesday at the Guinness brewery on the
banks of Dublin’s River Liffey where Ireland’s trademark tipple has
been brewed for almost 250 years.

The lone raider’s haul also contained 180 kegs of Budweiser and 90
barrels of Carlsberg lager, police said.

“A man drove into the yard in a truck and took a trailer containing
the drink which has an estimated value of 64,000 euros ($94,770),” a
police spokesman said.

here is the link

glen phillips lyrics

some great lyrics from a glen philips tune that i was listening to… thought i would post a link to a video of him playing this song with the lyrics below:

my darkest hour

If I lose my faith
Just remind me, just remind me
When my shadow’s longer
Stay beside me till it’s brighter
How easy I forget
How beautiful to see you once again

In my darkest hour I will be freed

When I close my eyes
I hope to find you, I hope to find you
When I leave my body
I want to be ready, willing like you were
I sat beside you then
I felt the warmth as it left your hands

In my darkest hour I will be freed

I’ve been waiting so long
That waiting was the end
Let this sleeper awaken again

In my darkest hour I will be freed

Rob Bell Interview…

I love to hear Rob Bell speak… he has a prophetic gift… a gift of wisdom! Saw this on my friend Matt’s blog and had to repost it here! this is from an interview with ‘the Wittenburg Door

DOOR: You talk a lot about storytelling—reclaiming the art of preaching away from the engineers and back to the artists.

BELL: Preaching is one of the original art forms, kind of the original guerrilla theatre. A sermon was an electric event; Martin Luther King Jr. changed the whole shape of American culture with a sermon. John Wesley out in a field in England, the Hebrew Prophets, (and) great movements like women’s rights were often birthed through preaching. In our unbelievably wired culture, nothing is more foolish than somebody in a room standing alone insisting that God has spoken. So it’s either brilliant or absolute foolishness. And I am open to both.
Originally, the word “sermon” meant you’d have no idea what was coming next. It was theological but also political and economical and obviously highly creative because if it didn’t engage, then you wouldn’t listen and you wouldn’t be provoked or challenged or comforted. So in some ways for me my life’s passion is to pursue this art form. Pump some electricity into it.

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The New Apple iPhone!

Wow! It’s even better than I imagined! Check it out!