the freeze project

check out this video of some people from an organization called ‘one voice to end slavery’.  they started this thing called ‘the freeze project’, where a couple hundred people will simultaneously stand completely still in place for 5 minutes… all to raise awareness of the staggering numbers of humans trapped in the sex slave trade and human trafficking industry.  this saturday, Sept 6th, they will be doing one in seattle, in which i plan to participate.  it should be an incredible experience.  it is amazing to see how people respond to seeing this, they have no idea what is going on or what to do about it.  what a great way to get peoples attention about an issue that definitely needs peoples attention.  check out the video and then check them out at:


you ever had bacon before?

so for my first blog entry on my new blog, i decided to go with a little humor to keep thing light and lively.  here’s a clip from Jim Gaffigan doing his ‘bacon bit’ (no pun intended).  it is freakin’ hilarious… almost 5 minutes of bacon!  enjoy!