Quote of the week – ‘we shall not be moved’ – great song “Stand Up” by the flobots!

A great song…powerful lyrics, that we all need to listen to… couldn’t have written it better myself!
here are some of the lyrics:

“stand up-we shall not be moved
except by a child with no socks and shoes
if you’ve got more to give, then you’ve got to prove,
put your hands up and i’ll copy you”

“…under god, but we kill like the son of Sam,
but if you feel like i feel about the Son of Man,
we will overcome!”

“… we shall not be moved,
except by a child with no socks and shoes,
except by a woman dying from a loss of food
except by a freedom fighter dying on a cross for you
We shall not be moved
Except by a system thats rotten through
Neglecting the victims and ordering the cops to shoot
High treason now we need to prosecute”

And whoever made the video to the song, did a great job! check out the video!


Abolition Rally-End Modern Day Slavery

This coming Wednesday, March 25th, 7-9pm @ Mill Creek Foursquare Church, there is a human trafficking rally. I will be attending, helping with some info and also playing my song about sex slavery. The more the better, so come if you can and bring some friends. This is an issue that still so few people know anything about… and it happens in our own backyards. We need to raise more awareness about the fact that there are more slaves in the world right now than any other time in history… about 27 million… and over half are children. Let’s make a difference and become a new abolitionist!! Here is a link to the event: abolition-rally-seattle. Also check out www.onevoicetoendslavery.com

Beau, Nickelsville’s resident poet

This is a video of my friend Beau, who is a resident at the homeless community called Nickelsville, where i spend every Monday night.  I have gotten to know Beau over the last two months and know a bit about his life and his story and also have read his amazing poetry.  I have taken two of his poems and written songs with them… in this video, he recites one of the poems that i wrote a song with… which i will post a video of me performing soon.  So here is a bit about Beau and one of his poems, “Nothing is Meaningless”.

Movie Screening and Fundraiser for ‘Resolve Uganda’

I wanted to post about another event coming up near the end of September.  There will be a screening for the independent film “War Dance“, which is about the war torn children of Northern Uganda.  You can check out the preview of the film at: http://www.wardancethemovie.com.

The screening will also be a fundraiser for Resolve Uganda , an organization that works with Invisible Children to help to raise more awareness and make legitimate strides in putting an end to the 22 year long war in Northern Uganda, where young children are abducted and forced to become part of a brutal army by being indoctrinated to become killers.  They are often forced to watch brutal murders or even participate in them until they become desensitized to it, and therefore think nothing of it.  It is a pretty sick deal and has been going on for 22 years now, much of which went completely unnoticed by the rest of the world until the creators of Invisible Children stumbled upon the story about 4 years ago and made gave it global press.  

The screening and fundraiser will be held at The Q Cafe in Seattle, on September 24th, from 7pm-9pm.  There will be a suggested donation of $5 to attend.  The movie, War Dance looks like a must see, and it has one numerous independent film awards, as you can see by checking out the website.

So if you are in the Seattle area at that time, i hope you can make it to the screening and help to gain more understanding and knowledge about the war-torn children of Northern Uganda.  thanks!

glen phillips lyrics

some great lyrics from a glen philips tune that i was listening to… thought i would post a link to a video of him playing this song with the lyrics below:

my darkest hour

If I lose my faith
Just remind me, just remind me
When my shadow’s longer
Stay beside me till it’s brighter
How easy I forget
How beautiful to see you once again

In my darkest hour I will be freed

When I close my eyes
I hope to find you, I hope to find you
When I leave my body
I want to be ready, willing like you were
I sat beside you then
I felt the warmth as it left your hands

In my darkest hour I will be freed

I’ve been waiting so long
That waiting was the end
Let this sleeper awaken again

In my darkest hour I will be freed


It’s been a while since I posted anything. I’ve been struggling…pretty much with life. Life comes at you hard sometimes and often when you are taking the heat, you are sometimes at a loss for words. That seems to be where i am right now. I’m certain that soon many words will come out of the place I am in right now, but until then…I will have to refrain. But to keep any readers pacified until i come out with these new words, I have recently (last week) wrote a song called ‘life’ and although the music really makes the song complete, I figured I would post the song here. I was one of those songs that (especially the last bridge part) I looked at and said to myself, ‘where did that come from?’ so here it is…enjoy!

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check out Johnny Cash!