i am jeff greer… i am nothing… He is other than… i long to be other than!

me. one beautiful, loving, incredible wife. one adorable, angelic, adopted chinese daughter. in process with a hope of a second. one very loving/lovable large dog. two cats…one old/fat, one young/lean. one annoying flea problem. one too large of a house with way too expensive mortgage. quest to shrink them both. strong desire to live simply.  in process of making changes to do so.

I am: husband. father. son. brother. friend. lover. vocalist. guitarist. writer of song. prophet. artist. mixologist. bartender. musician. mystic. activist. voice. provocateur. broken. creative. catalyst. ragamuffin. hurting. healing. moving towards shalom. 

i believe in love. mercy. humility. justice.

i am trying to figure what this life is all about for me and my family and how we are to live it out with holistic intentionality, following hard after the Christ and the ways that he taught us all to live; learning to love God, all people of the world as myself, and embrace and care for all of Creation.  I am realizing that some of the simplest choices we make can gravely affect others negatively.  where i buy my food can make or break our local farmers.  where i buy my clothes can continue to help slave labor thrive.  what chocolate i eat or coffee i drink can continue to keep a child in bondage.  I desire to use my music to provoke for change in the world.  to be a voice for those whose voice has been taken away.  I am finding that my relationship to the Christ is directly related to my relationship to ‘the least of these’ around me and i am wrestling with how to live that out tangibly and live my life for that very thing:  loving Jesus by loving the poor. the hurting. the needy. the oppressed. the slave. those who are under the belly of ‘the system’ that we find ourselves living in.  this is where we find Jesus.  my worship of Him is directly related to how i stand up for those in need around me and in my world.  this creates an ongoing tension which is good and i embrace it… learning how to live it out.



  1. hey im at work and came up on your web site so i checked it out.
    Btw great job last night you rocked i love you style.
    <3diamond hugs
    peace love unity and respect

  2. i ment your btw hahahaa

  3. do you know why beau left????
    im really botherd by it i miss my beaujanggales

  4. Got a great contact that I want to give you info on…I tried to email and it got rejected….can you contact me?

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