blog slacker!

ok… so I realized that it has been months since I have written anything on my blog! at first I thought to myself ‘what a slacker’, but then I realized that I have just been so busy working that I haven’t had the time to blog at all or even hardly think about something worth blogging about! what is even crazier is that I am at work right now writing this ony iPhone, which I only justified getting because I used Christmas gift cards to buy. anyways, my hope is that I will try not to be as busy, for various important reasons, but also. I a going to try to write more in the next year. it is somewhat therapuetic to write. in fact, there are many things that I want to take more time to do this year that have kind of taken a back burner… such as: creating and recording my music; playing out at various venues; hiking with my family; biking with my family; doing lots of stuff with my family, etc! well, realizing all this will set some change into motion. peace out!