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mire – a psalm

–i originally posted this on my friends new creative writing site,, so i wanted to post it here as well and let others know about his writing site. check it out and read on!–

mire – a psalm

oh god—why are you silent. where are you? have you left me?
i seek and seek and find nothing but silence and distress.
my words drip off my lips and slam the floor like the weight of a stone
–a crash–
my cries to you barely seem to leave the surface of this earth
how i wish the crash was the sound of the heavy burden falling from my shoulders

come to me soon, or i will be like those who go down to the depths;
in the mire, with no hope for escape. will you pull me out?

and yet — i will still praise you.
although you seem far off — i will praise you.
although the silence is deadening — i will praise you.
although there are no answers — i will praise you.
when all else is laid bare and made into a desolate wasteland,
you still remain, so i will put my trust in you;
even though i am blind, deaf and dumb,
and see no visible future hope;
i know you are with me;
i know you hear my cries,
i know your heart beats to bless me
i know your love shines upon me
i know you know my pain

so i will praise you.
come quickly lord!