Displace Me!

Well it has been a week since me and my wife slept outside in a cardboard coffin for two with about 4500-5000 other people at Magnuson Park in Seattle. As you probably read before in my other post about this, we displaced ourselves from our homes for Invisible Children’s nationwide ‘Displace Me’ event to help bring more awareness to those in dire need in Northern Uganda. It was quite a night!

We arrived and set up our house with cardboard and duct tape and it was just big enough for me and my wife Vicki to fit with about 4 inches between us and 12 inches above our faces as we lay down. We gathered for some filming of the next Invisible Children video…all 5000 of us! There was an great speaker from Uganda and numerous videos through out the night on a very large outdoor inflatable screen. We had crackers and water rationed to us at around 9pm and that was it. The most memorable thing of the night was the 21 minutes of silence. It was incredible to sit and pray and reflect and ponder for 21 whole minutes in complete (I mean complete!) silence! 5000 people in complete silence for 21 minutes…one minute for each year this war has been going on in Northern Uganda. It was amazing. We also wrote letters to our local senators telling them about the displacement camps in Northern Uganda and 1.5 million people who have been there for around 10 years…not by choice, and attached a picture of ourselves wearing a white shirt with a red X on it, signifying that we have been displaced ourselves. As we lay in our ‘cardboard coffin’ waiting to dose off, I was reminded of the incredible discomfort of using my backpack as a pillow and having no cushion beneath my body and sleeping in my shoes, socks, pants and jacket to keep warm. I was then reminded of how incredibly spoiled we are and how much we take our comfort for granted. I lay pondering the reality of this dilemma and thought to try to come up with some way that this event would make a difference in my own life as I knew it would help the lives of others. I am still thinking about these things. So much of how we live is ingrained in us as habit that it feels impossible to change these things…sometimes even hard to even notice these habits until we are put in an uncomfortable position and somewhat forced to think about them. About 100,000 people in 15 cities across the country gathered together on April 28th to make a difference for 1.5 million people in Northern Uganda and to be a part of this was incredible. Now, I need to not forget the thoughts, emotions and feelings I had that night, so that I can continue to make a difference in this world and hopefully change my own life for the better. For more info please check out www.invisiblechildren.com Pictures will come soon!!


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