On Notice!

on notice!
So I decided to copy my friend Matt and post my own ‘On Notice’ blog, so hopefully this goes over OK and I don’t get anyone wanting to sue me! So here goes my own first ‘On Notice’:

Modern-Day Slavery – this one is obvious, and yes it does exist! If you don’t believe me or don’t know anything about it just go to www.notforsalecampaign.com or www.theamazingchange.com and read for yourself. There is also a very informative book called “Not For Sale”, that you can buy and read and get informed as well. This slave trade needs to be stopped so here’s a call to all the modern day abolitionists out there. Let’s do something about this!

Comcast – OK so I’m trying to watch American Idol and my stupid DVR keeps freezing and then blacking out and won’t let me play…so I can’t FF or Play without this happening, so I’m dumping comcast and cable tv all together since I only watch 2 or 3 shows (Heroes, Idol and Survivor), it will be better (and cheaper) to buy these episodes on iTunes, watch them on a projector from my laptop and not have to worry about Comcast anymore!

Seattle Traffic – Ok so the thing I do miss about Northern Virginia is the consistency of the traffic. I know that sounds crazy and the traffic there is absolutely horrendous and Seattle traffic is nothing compared to it….but at least I know that everyday at specific times (most times)in VA there is going to be traffic and so I can plan accordingly. Here in Seattle, they don’t know how to do traffic (or drive for that matter, but that is for another time). One day at a certain time the road will be clear and the next day at the same time it will be gridlock…and for no apparent reason whatsoever…so Seattle needs to get it’s traffic straight and until then…it is on notice!

CCAA – This is the Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs and since we are in the process of adopting a second child from China, they are very pertinent to us. The problem is the time it takes to get placed with a child now compared to when we adopted 2 years ago (which was only 6 months) is up to 18-24 months and increasing. So until we get placed with a child, sometime in 2008 (hopefully), they are ‘on notice’

WIM – No one knows what this means and even if it exists, but I’ll just say this…we’ve been waiting for over a year and until it happens…you’re on notice!

Seattle Weather – I know what you are thinking…the rain! We’ll that is not the problem…the problem is that no one can figure out what the weather is going to do. The weather says it is supposed to rain today, for example and it has been sunny all day. Just try to get it right, weather it is rain or sun or a mixture, just so I can expect to see rain when they are calling for rain and sun when they are calling for sun…even though sun is a nice suprise when expecting rain, so I’m not too bothered by that, but someone needs to step it up in the weather department!

Seattle House Prices – Even though I own a house now and as prices go up it will increase it’s value…I still hate watching my mortgage payment leave my bank account each month!

Joseph Kony – Last but not least, this sick savage leads the LRA; Lord’s Resistance Army (not sure what lord he’s talking about!), which is a rebel army in Northern Uganda, made up of young kidnapped children, around 8-14 years old, that are indoctrinated to become brutal killers by this psycho and his crew. This guy needs to be stopped and the people of Northern Uganda freed from the fear of the LRA. For more info and to see how you can help, check out: www.invisiblechildren.com!

OK that’s it for now, most of these I wouldn’t take too seriously (except the obvious), but I guess I’ll post these from time to time just for fun. Rock On Y’all!


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