Raining in Seattle?

OK…so since I’ve been in Seattle (March), the weather has been great. All this rain everyone talks about is just some gimmick to keep others out of the most beautiful kept secret in the continental US. In fact, in 2 months I can count the times it has rained on one and half hands. So, I go to Origins in L.A. this week, and the day I get there…it is dumping rain. So I’m thinking…where’s the California sunshine??? Well, it only lasted a day, because the next three days I was there, it was totally clear, blue skies and sunshine and warm. But apparently, whilst I was away, Seattle decided that it was unhappy that I had left and so it started to rain here, which was OK, because I was gone. But, she must have been really upset I left, because it has been raining all week long (off and on). So, needless to say, it has been a cloudy, wet Memorial Day weekend and I hope that Seattle gets over it soon and forgives me for leaving her beauty behind. I think there may be some rivalry between the Jet City Woman and the Lady of Angels, which may have led to this fit of jealousy. She doesn’t have to worry about me though. While our relationship is still green, it is certain that it is true, and as nice as LA is…there’s no place like Seattle! So she can rest easy tonight…and hopefully stop this rain and get back to the beautiful summer days that make this area the true love of many!


Hello world!

This is jeff greer, up in Seattle, WA. Hello to all the voxtropolites! I’m glad to be here and I am looking forward to hanging in community! rock on!